Benefits of Using Automated Interview for Companies

These days, it’s common for job seekers to no longer rely solely on traditional face-to-face interviews. Many now opt for automated interview services. While this might still be unfamiliar to some, the reality is that numerous companies have begun shifting from manual recruitment processes to digital ones. There’s been a significant surge in companies adopting … Read more

Best Platform for AI Interview in Indonesia

Companies in Indonesia need to modernize to grow faster. This includes how they hire people. Now, there’s a system called AI Interview in Indonesia that helps companies pick the right candidates. There are many platforms available for this, making the hiring process quicker and better. Reasons to Utilize AI Interview Platforms The Human Resources department … Read more

10 Interview Questions and Answers That Job Seekers Should Keep In Mind

Getting a job nowadays is tough. It’s even harder in Indonesia because there are fewer job openings compared to the large number of people looking for work. That’s why the number of unemployed people in Indonesia is increasing. One of the most important sessions in a job search is the interview. This session will determine … Read more

New Innovation: Automated Job Interview for Hiring

In this digital era, the role of technology is indeed important in supporting work, including facilitating the work of HRD in a company, especially for recruiting new human resources or HR for the company. Lately, it is rare to recruit manually, but many have switched to using automated job interviews. Many companies develop this kind … Read more

Proses Rekrutmen dan Seleksi Karyawan Paling Efektif di 2023,  HR Wajib Tahu!

Proses Rekrutmen dan Seleksi Karyawan Paling Efektif di 2023,  HR Wajib Tahu!

HR memiliki tugas dan tanggung jawab begitu berat dalam merekrut calon karyawan terbaik. Hal ini menuntut HR untuk bekerja lebih giat sekaligus berpikir lebih strategis dalam mendesain proses rekrutmen dan seleksi karyawan agar berjalan dengan efektif dan mencapai goals. Proses rekrutmen dan seleksi karyawan adalah salah satu hal vital bagi sebuah perusahaan. Proses ini harus … Read more

Mengenal Fungsi, Jenis, Dan Membaca Hasil IQ Test

IQ atau intelligence test merupakan penilaian yang dilakukan untuk dapat mengetahui kemampuan kerangka pikir seseorang secara logis dan total. Tes kecerdasan ini biasanya digunakan untuk salah satu psikotes yang bisa ditemui selain tes bakat, tes minat, tes prestasi, dan juga tes kepribadian. IQ test biasanya bisa ditemukan ketika melamar pekerjaan yang bisa untuk mengukur kecerdasan pelamar. Mengenal … Read more

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