Why Engineering Managers Should Use Coding Tests

Assessing the coding aptitude and framework skills of potential candidates is a major challenge for engineering managers. The recruitment process is time-consuming and expensive. Even after several rounds of interviews and a thorough assessment of the candidate’s resume, it can still be difficult to determine if the candidate has the technical skills required for the … Read more

The Most Popular Low-Level Programming Languages in Startups

If you are a business owner looking to hire a programmer, it is important to know which programming languages are popular in the startup world. Low-level programming languages are a great choice because they offer better performance and control than high-level languages. In this article, we will explore the four most popular low-level programming languages … Read more

React Online Test: Comprehensive Guide for HR and Engineering Manager

React, an open-source JavaScript library has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is a front-end library that is used to build user interfaces. React allows developers to create reusable UI components and makes the development process more efficient. As a result, React has become a popular choice for companies looking to build web applications. … Read more

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