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Psychometric and Cognitive Test

Automate and Quantify candidate’s aptitude test

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Psychometric and Cognitive Test Algobash

Measure each candidate’s ability and potential faster

Our aptitude test will evaluate the candidate’s psychological behavior and abilities.


Test the ability to adapt and react in different situations at work.


Discover how candidate’s potential and suitability in a specific role.


Understand how candidates might deal with challenges at work.

Psychometric Result and Analysis

Some of our available tests:

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

A test developed by Katherine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers. This test is used to identify a person's personality into 4 categories.


A model developed by psychologist William Marston to analyze a candidate's working performance. Candidates will be categorized into 4 behavioral tendencies.

Big Five

Developed in the 1980s to classify a person's personality traits into 5 main categories. Also commonly known as OCEAN test.

Numerical Reasoning

To evaluate candidates' ability with numbers and data interpretation. This test will help you identify candidates with strong numerical skills.

Verbal Reasoning

To evaluate the candidate's ability to analyze the relationship between written information and deduce appropriate conclusions.

Reading Comprehension

Evaluate the candidate's ability to understand the context of the text, process written information, and analyze appropriate conclusions.

and many more

Equipped with strong supporting features.

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Proctoring Solution

Proctoring Solution

Enable webcam and desktop monitoring to monitor candidates.

Code Playback

Test and Code Playback

Watch a recording of candidate’s code or test activities.

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Check

Better check on every result's originality.🚧 Coming Soon

Rating & Comments

Rating & Comments

Collaborate with recruiters and users for better decision-making.

Detailed Report

Detailed Report

In-depth PDF to support your technical hiring decisions.

Various Types In a Test

Various Types In a Test

Mix your test from coding test to cognitive test in a single link.

Pre-defined Questions

Pre-defined Questions

Select questions from our libraries. Formulated by experts.

Multipe Types of Questions

Multipe Types of Questions

Multiple choices, essay, interview, SQL and coding test.

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