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Empower bank Digital Transformation

We’re focused on supporting banking technical test to management trainee test

Empower bank Digital Transformation
Robust digital transformation with great talents.
For Technical test

Robust digital transformation with great talents.

Banks are thriving in this digital era. To achieve the best digital product, you will need great digital talents.

When you use conventional ways of hiring, you'll end up with unqualified candidates.

Technical Roles For Banking that we can support:

Programming and Engineer

Test candidates’ skills in programming and database with our coding test.

Finance and Accounting

Use the Algobash Excel test to discover candidates’ spreadsheet skill.

Customer Service and Teller

Assess candidates’ communication and presentation skills using our interview platform.

Operational Team

Test psychological and cognitive tests for operational positions, from HR to managerial vacancies.

Selecting the right individuals for digital roles will define the success of the digital transformation.


Robust digital transformation with great talents.
For Management Trainee

Conduct easy and fast management trainee test

Test hundreds to thousands of candidates with only one online test, one vendor, and one link.

No need to go back and forth with the technicalities.

What can we support on the Management Trainee test

Programming Test

Using our automated coding and database test.

Finance and Accounting Test

Using our spreadsheet test.

Video Profiling or Interview Test

Using our self-interview platform

Psychological Test

We have multiple standardized tests such as MBTI, DISC, Big Five, etc

Cognitive Test

Map candidates’ math and logic abilities.

Situational Judgement Test

Assess the candidate’s value on various of situations.

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