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Standardized programming course for the future of education

Perfecting your educational system by embedding our programming course.

standardized programming course for the future of education

How our course technology works:

Coding Test Algobash
Enable access to continuous learning.
For Bootcamps

Enable access to continuous learning

They’ve learned the basic skill, let them continuously learn using our Algobash Course technology.


  • 1 learning content accessible for hundreds of students without face-to-face learning
  • Enable blended learning or additional value proposition to your students
  • Easily update your content
  • Learning by doing on our platform
  • Evaluate students' skills using our standardized test

Coding would be important in a future working environment where they’re called upon to use technology as part of their overall job. It’s time for schools to realize that technology is now a part of our lifestyle.


For Schools

Equip your students with coding skills - no need to hire extra teachers

Learn coding skills from zero to hero whenever your students are available.


  • We handle all of the content and technicalities
  • No need for a dedicated teacher stands by at your school
  • Full online learning, lets your students study at their own pace
  • Up to date materials
  • Learning by doing on our platform
Enable access to continuous learning.

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